The organisers can not be held responsible for any of the following  exhibits that  don't turn up.       




1/         Triumph Tiger Cub                          Kindly exhibited by Arthur Jenkins

2/         Ariel V C H 500cc                            Kindly exhibited by Alan Williams

3/         Suzuki GS850 1982                         Kindly exhibited by Neil Cooper

4/         Honda CB250 NB                            Kindly exhibited by J Anderson

5/         Honda CB250 NB                            Kindly exhibited by I Witich

6/         V W Trike                                      Kindly exhibited by Bleddyn

7/       Custom Motorbike                            Kindly exhibited by G Cockings

8/      Raleigh Runabout  Auto cycle             Kindly exhibited by R Eagle  

9/     1967/ Triumph Bonniville T120            Kindly exhibited by P Walker 

10/   1950s Douglas MK1V                          Kindly exhibited by P & S Newman 

11/   1959  Francis Barnett Plover 150cc       Kindly exhibited by C Bailey 

12/   1968 B.S.A. C15G                               Kindly exhibited by R H Williams 

13/   New Hudson Autocycle                       Kindly exhibited by A Bevan

14/   Honda Graduate                                Kindly exhibited by J Bickford

15/   Norton 10H ex W D                            Kindly exhibited by G Harris

16/   Ariel                                                 Kindly exhibited by K Evans

17/  1955 James Captain 197cc                  Kindly exhibited by C Reed

18/   1978 Yamaha DT 125E                      Kindly exhibited by M Greenslade

19/   Honda Goldwing Trike                       Kindly exhibited by L James

20/   1965 Honda CB160                           Kindly exhibited by J Cameron

21/   Honda Rodero 125                             Kindly exhibited by M Evans

22/   Triumph Bonneville                           Kindly exhibited by  G Davies





1/    Police mans Cycle                             Kindly exhibited by P Eagle

2/   1928 Elswick Cycle                            Kindly exhibited by M & G Jones

3/   Gents Hurcules                                 Kindly exhibited by A Lucas

4/   B S A Ladies Cycle                            Kindly exhibited by A Mallett

5/   Royal Auto Cycle                              Kindly exhibited by G James

6/  1976 Raleigh Grifter                           Kindly exhibited by C Davies

7/   1950s Gents Triumph                       Kindly exhibited by N Diment

8/   1970s Yugoslavian Delivery Bike        Kindly exhibited by N Diment

9/   Albion Electric Cycle                         Kindly exhibited by T G Lewis

10/  1980 Raleigh 20                             Kindly exhibited by  C J Weaver

11/  1976 Raleigh 20                             Kindly exhibited by M Lewis

12/   Pedal Cycle                                   Kindly exhibited by Mr & Mrs Ward







1/      1958 Cadillac Sedan Deville                              Kindly exhibited by Colin  Loveluck

2/      1965 Vauxhall Viva HA                                     Kindly exhibited by Janice Bateman

3/      1987 Jaguar XJS                                            Kindly exhibited by Glen Phillips

4/      1987 Jaguar XJS                                            Kindly exhibited by Philip Sanders

5/      1963 Wolseley 1500                                       Kindly exhibited by Haydn Allen 

 6/    1969  Morris 1000 ex met police                      Kindly exhibited by  Roger Jones

7/      1989 Escort Eclipse                                       Kindly exhibited by Chris Davies

8/      1961 Rover 100                                            Kindly  exhibited by P Danton

9/      1960 De Soto Fireflite                                   Kindly exhibited by P Danton

10/    1972 V W Beetle                                          Kindly exhibited by C L Danton

11/    1962 Hillman Minx                                        Kindly exhibited by Owen Danton

12/    1968 Mini                                                    Kindly exhibited by E Harrison

13/    1966 Ford Corsair                                        Kindly exhibited by C Williams

14/    1972 Vauxhall Viva                                      Kindly exhibited by D Danton

15/    1962 Jaguar MK 10                                     Kindly exhibited by J Whiskerd

16/    1973 Triumph GT6                                      Kindly exhibited by A Clement

17/   1985 Toyota MR2                                        Kindly exhibited by J P Clement

18/   1974 M G B                                                Kindly exhibited by S Clement

19/   1972 Buick Riviera                                       Kindly exhibited by P Rich

20/   1978 M G B                                                 Kindly exhibited by R Penrose 

21/   1964 Vauxhall Viva H A                                Kindly exhibited by Professor S Cole CBE

22/   1969 Morris Traveller                                   Kindly exhibited by Michael Day

23/   Ford Cortina MK4 2000 Ghia                         Kindly exhibited by C Chapman

24/   Ford Capri MK1 3000E                                 Kindly exhibited by C Chapman

25/   Rover Mini Sidewalk  1995                           Kindly exhibited by S Dennis

26/   1974 M G B Roadster                                  Kindly exhibited by A Ward

27/   1962 Rover P4 100                                     Kindly exhibited by J Davies

28/   Triumph Herald 1200                                  Kindly exhibited by M & A  Francs

29/   1968 Morris Minor Traveller                         Kindly exhibited by Dr P Crossland

30/   1992 Morgan 4/4                                       Kindly exhibited by R  Howells

31/   1953 MG YB                                              Kindly exhibited by  B  Hough

32/   1966 MGB Roadster                                   Kindly exhibited by P & M Williams

33/   Ford Capri 2.0 GL                                      Kindly exhibited by Mr M Barrett

34/   1978 M G B                                              Kindly exhibited by Ted Holley

35/  Wolsley 1500                                             Kindly exhibited by M Danton

36/ Triumph Herald                                           Kindly exhibited by S Danton

37/   Rover 100                                                 Kindly exhibited by P Danton

38/   Sparton Kit Car                                         Kindly exhibited by Bleddyn

39/   1986 Jaguar  XJ6                                      Kindly exhibited by D Fisher  

40/   Mercedes 280ce                                       Kindly exhibited by S Hadley

41/   1957 Vauxhall Velox                                 Kindly exhibited by K Harris

42/   1972 M G B  G T                                      Kindly exhibited by I Longman

43/   1970 Cortina 1600E MK2                          Kindly exhibited by J Griffiths

44/   1968 M G B Roadster                               Kindly exhibited by N Lewis 

45/   1966 Daimler 2.5 v8                                Kindly exhibited by D Yeates

46/   1968 M G Midget                                    Kindly exhibited by G Griffin

47/   1998 Porsche 911 Carrera 4                    Kindly exhibited by C Davies

48/   M G  Z T 160 Turbo                                Kindly exhibited by D Denello

49/   M G  Z T 260 SE V8                               Kindly exhibited by D Denello

50/   M G Z T 190 SE                                    Kindly exhibited by M Alan

51/   1997 Triumph 2000                              Kindly exhibited by L Salter 

52/   1972 Rover P5B Coupe                         Kindly exhibited by D Edwards

53/   1967 Morris Traveller                           Kindly exhibited by G Cox

54/   Humber Hawk                                     Kindly exhibited  by J Williams

55/   Austin A40 Farina                                Kindly exhibited by M Watkins

56/   1995 M G R V8                                   Kindly exhibited by L Rosser

57/   M G B Roadster                                  Kindly exhibited by M Niedojadlo

58/   Range  Rover Classic                          Kindly exhibited by G Jones 

59/   1980 Ford Capri                                Kindly exhibited by A Purdy

60/   1957 Ford Zodiac MKII                      Kindly exhibited by R Hillman

61/   Ford Cortina 1600E                           Kindly exhibited by K Neale

62/   1972 M G B Roadster                     Kindly exhibited by L Jenkins

63/   1953 Lanchester                            Kindly exhibited by D Jenkins

64/   1974 Rover 2200SE                       Kindly exhibited by G Gardner

65/   1970 Rover 3500 V8                      Kindly exhibited by J Gardner

66/   1959 Morris Minor 1000                 Kindly exhibited by G Thomas

67/   1958 Austin A35 Saloon                 Kindly exhibited by K Tyrrell

68/   1971 M G B  GT                            Kindly exhibited by R Evans

69/   1983 Jaguar XJS C                        Kindly exhibited by H Harper

70/   1963 Riley 1.5                              Kindly exhibited by T & L Davies

71/   Daimler Century                           Kindly exhibited by J Harris

72/   Triumph                                     Kindly exhibited by M Greenwood

73/   Lotus Excel S E                           Kindly exhibited by B Picton

74/   1993 Mini 1275 L E                      Kindly exhibited by K Parsons

75/   M G R V8                                   Kindly exhibited by G Powell 

76/   1972 Sunbeam Rapier                 Kindly exhibited by G White

77/   1982 Jaguar XJ6                         Kindly exhibited by A Griffiths

78/   Trabant                                     Kindly exhibited by F Hollamby

79/   Triumph Stag                            Kindly exhibited by C Rosser

80/   M G B GT                                 Kindly exhibited by C Rosser

81/   E Type Jaguar                          Kindly exhibited by J Griffiths

82/   1973 M G Midget                      Kindly exhibited by R Roe

83/   1997 Mitsuoka Viewt                 Kindly exhibited by K Potter

84/   1953 Triumph Renown             Kindly exhibited by G Potter

85/   1964 Austin Healey                  Kindly exhibited by K Crotty

86/   1964 Humber Sceptre              Kindly exhibited by S Giffard

87/   Ford ST 220                           kindly Exhibited by J Somerfield

88/   Morris Minor Traveller             Kindly exhibited by A Rees

89/   Morris 8 Series 2                    Kindly exhibited by D Laviers

90/   1967 Morris Traveller              Kindly exhibited by D Thomas 

91/   1969 Riley Elf                        Kindly exhibited by G Hapwood

92/   1981 Austin Mini                    Kindly exhibited by D Rees

93/   1959 V W Beetle                    Kindly exhibited by J England

94/   1970 Moss Malvern                Kindly exhibited by S Warlow

95/   1972 M G B GT                     Kindly exhibited by G Jones

96/  1969  Austin Healey                Kindly exhibited by G Rees 

97/   1973 Gilbern Invader             Kindly exhibited by M Jones

98/   Morris 1000 Traveller            Kindly exhibited by A Richards

99/   1965 Triumph TR4               Kindly exhibited by G Griffiths

100/   Mini Clubman Estate           Kindly exhibited by M Lewis

101/   M G Midget                       Kindly exhibited by M Lewis

102/   Cortina MK1                      Kindly exhibited by M Lewis

103/  1969 Rover P5B                                 Kindly exhibited by E Halling

104/  1961 Jaguar 3.8 MK2                          Kindly exhibited by D Hayes

105/   M G B  GT V8                                    Kindly exhibited by P Smith

106/   1970  Triumph Vitesse Convertible       Kindly exhibited by D M Jones 

107/   1945 Sunbeam Talbot 10 D H C           Kindly exhibited by D M Jones

108/   1969 Morris Mini 1000                        Kindly exhibited by H Davies

109/   1962 Morris Minor Traveller                Kindly exhibited by H Davies

110/   1929 Austin 7                                   Kindly exhibited by H Davies

111/   1931 Jowett Light Commercial            Kindly exhibited by H Davies 

112/   1962 Vauxhall Cresta PA                   Kindly exhibited by D Bethell

113/   1967 Morris  Minor 1000                   Kindly exhibited by G Davies

114/   Austin Metro Politan                         Kindly exhibited by A Davies

115/   M G B  GT                                       Kindly exhibited by L Evans

116/   Ford Popular                                   Kindly exhibited by B Phillips 

117/   M G B  Roadster                              Kindly exhibited by P Watkins

118/   M G B  Roadster                             Kindly exhibited by R Gwilliam

119/   M G B  GT                                     Kindly exhibited by Warrington

120/   Austin Maestro                              Kindly exhibited by D Wicks

121/   M G  Midget                                  Kindly exhibited by C Horswill

122/   1980 M G B                                   Kindly exhibited by P Jones

123/   1972 Vauxhall Viva                        Kindly exhibited by M Lewis

124/   1972 Morris Marina                        Kindly exhibited by M Lewis

125/   1981 Triumph Dolomite                 Kindly exhibited by M Lewis

126/   1969 Cortina 1600E                      Kindly exhibited by M Reed  

127/   Cortina 1600E                              Kindly exhibited by K J Neale

128/   Morris 1000                                 Kindly exhibited by G W Jones 

129/  Mini Cooper                                  Kindly exhibited by B Howells

130/   1978 Chevrolet Corvette               Kindly exhibited by R Reeves

131/  M G                                            Kindly exhibited by C  Fuller

132/   1987 Jaguar XJ6                         Kindly exhibited by Mr Phillips

133/   Lotus Cortina MK1                      Kindly exhibited by G Thomas 































1/                      1982 Bedford H A Van                    Kindly exhibited by Haydn Bateman

2/                      1997 Scania PG4D 220                    Kindly exhibited by Irene Wittich

3/                      ERF EC14  38ST                             Kindly exhibited by John Anderson

4/                    1997 E R F   E C 11                         Kindly exhibited by Stuart Payne

5/                    1941 Ford Pickup                            Kindly exhibited by Dorian Morgan 

6/                    1971 Morris 1000 Van                     Kindly exhibited by A Owens 

7/                    Volvo Crane Lorry                          Kindly exhibited by D Lewis

8/                   Volvo Beaver Tail                           Kindly exhibited by G Jones

9/                   1972 Morris Minor Van                   Kindly exhibited by R Stewart

10/                 1977 Chevy Brake Down Truck        Kindly exhibited by R Hillman

11/                 1972 Morris 1000 Pickup                Kindly exhibited by J Somerfield

12/                 Morris J Type P O Van                   Kindly exhibited by S Taylor M. B.E.

13/                Austin A35 Van                              Kindly exhibited by J Hayhurst  

14/                Austin  F F K 140                           Kindly exhibited by J Hughes

15/                Mercedes S R 67 T M R                  Kindly exhibited by J Hughes

16/               Mercedes S R 66                            Kindly exhibited by J Hughes

17/               Scania G 440 S K 60                      Kindly exhibited by W D  Lewis

18/              Scania G 450                                 Kindly exhibited by W D  Lewis

19/              Ford Transit LTD                           Kindly exhibited by J Thomas

20/             Bus                                              Kindly exhibited by M Kidwell

21/            Ford Cargo 0609                            Kindly exhibited by M Lewis

22/           Ford Cargo 0813                             Kindly exhibited by M Lewis

23/           Mercedes                                       Kindly exhibited by C Greene

24/          Mercedes                                        Kindly exhibited by C Greene 

25/          Mercedes                                        Kindly exhibited by C Greene

26/          Daf  E6                                           Kindly exhibited by C Greene

27/         Man                                                Kindly exhibited by C Greene

28/        E R F  EC11                                      Kindly exhibited by C Greene 







1/                             Massey Ferguson 135 Petrol            Kindly exhibited by  Paul Johnson

2/                            1958 David Brown 950                    Kindly exhibited by G Jones

3/                           Tractor                                           Kindly exhibited by H Davies

4/                           Massey Ferguson 35                        Kindly exhibited by M Lewis

5/                           Ferguson TE20                               Kindly exhibited by D Griffiths

6/                           Grey Ferguson                                Kindly exhibited by H Davies 

7/                           Massey Ferguson                            Kindly exhibited by R Reynolds

8/                           Massey Ferguson                            Kindly exhibited by R Reynolds

9/                          Massey Ferguson                            Kindly exhibited by R Reynolds

10/                        Fordson                                         Kindly exhibited by R Reynolds 

11/                       Ferguson TEF20                              Kindly exhibited by  D Owen Davies

12/                       Ferguson TEF20                              Kindly exhibited by K Owen




1/   Burrel  6inch          Kindly exhibited by Roy Wallis               







 1/  Miniature lorry                                                        Kindly exhibited by Phil & Carol Tucker

2/   Miniature Haflinger                                                 Kindly  exhibited by Duncan Aves     Pontwelli Garage

3/   Miniature Folklift                                                     Kindly exhibited by Duncan Aves      Pontwelli Garage

4/  Field Marshall tractor 4inch scale                               Kindly exhibited by J & A Williams 

5/   Miniature Scammel Lorry                                         Kindly exhibited by T & G Thomas


1/    Perle  Orestes Caravan                                           Kindly exhibited by G Bird

2/   Ace Pioneer                                                           Kindly exhibited by I Maylon

3/   Fisher Holivan 1960s                                              Kindly exhibited by J & A  Dick

4/   Stirling 16-2 Delux                                                 Kindly exhibited by I Jukes

5/   Elddis Whirlwind                                                    Kindly exhibited by

6/   1979 Safari                                                           Kindly exhibited by R Heatley

7/   MK1 Renault Master                                              Kindly exhibited by D Diment      



1/   1944   Willys  M B Jeep                        Kindly exhibited by Paul Price

2/   B S A Folding Parabike                         Kindly exhibited by Luke Price

3/   1950s Danish Parabike                        Kindly exhibited by Ryan Price

4/   Leyland Daf                                       Kindly exhibited by R Packer

5/   1956 Humber (Pig) Armoured

     Personnel Carrier ( Prototype)              Kindly exhibited by C Elliott

6/   Motorcycle & Sidecar                         Kindly exhibited by G Davies 





1/                            Mamod Live Steam Models                  Kindly exhibited by Brian & Carol Watts

2/                           Cast Iron Seats                                   Kindly exhibited by H Jeffreys

3/                           Bus & Lorry Badges                             Kindly exhibited by M Owen

4/                           Farming model Display                        Kindly exhibited by D Arthur 

5/                           Die Cast Models                                 Kindly exhibited by A Russell

6/                         Glamorgan Constabulary

7/                         Fossil Collection                                   Kindly exhibited by J Thirkettle

8/                         Model Cars                                          Kindly exhibited by R Watts



1/         1912 open crank                                          Kindly exhibited by S Thomas

2/         Open crank                                                 Kindly exhibited by T Thomas 

3/        1934 Lister B driving Bamford

            Corn Grinder                                               Kindly exhibited by D Smith

4/       1951 Lister D driving Stuart Turner

             Water Pump                                              Kindly exhibited by D Smith 

5/     Stationary Engine                                           Kindly exhibited by Joker Mike 

6/     S I F Colt  & Lister Water pump                       Kindly exhibited by J Davies 

7/    1959 Browett B23B & Lister Water Pump          Kindly exhibited by I Crum  

8/   Stationary Engine                                           Kindly exhibited by M Greenslade 

9/   Lister D with Corn Kibler                                 Kindly exhibited by F Griffiths

10/   Amanco open crank   2 1/4 HP                      Kindly exhibited by C Davies                                    



 1/  Button Pictures & cards               B & M Adams

2/   Slush / Candyfloss etc                 Cheeky Treats

3/   Candles etc.                               J K Candles & Crafts 

4/   Forever Living Health Products    Clare Delve

5/   Natural Handmade Soap            Really Nice Soap 

6/ Institute of Advanced Motorists     R Price 

7/  Fairy Doors                                Dolly,s Doors

8/  Body Shop                                 N Page 

9/  Knitted Items                            Trudy Pearce 

10/   Italian Marble Coasters            D & L Stone   

11/   Hand Decorated Glass              D Smithies 

12/   Archery Range                        M Summerland

13/   Bouncy Castle ETC                  S & S Entertainments  

14/   Indian & Morrocan  crafts        L Maxwell

15/  The Traveling Teapot               D Denegri 

16/  Hand Made Wooden Crafts       J Nerson 

17/   Water Products                      Water Cooler Wales 

18/   Cambrian Ice Cream

19/   Help for Heroes

20/   Hand Made Cards                  A Trigg 

21/   Crystals / Sun catchers           D & L Cato  

22/   Jewelery / Cards                    Crafty Majick

23/   Americana                            J Stanford 

24/   Cotswold  Sweats                  B Berton

25/   Cake Stall                             Pippa, Biddy, Steve.