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Taken on Saturday 2nd September.


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1/   1960 Falcon cycle                   Kindly exhibited by Brian Maiken

2/    Honda C90                           Kindly exhibited by Alec Jones

3/   V W  Trike                             Kindly exhibited by Bleddyn Phillips

4/       1959 N S U Quickly             Kindly exhibited by Graham Beasley

5/      1961 Triumph Tiger Cub       Kindly exhibited by Cathy Dunning

6/     1959 Triumph 21 350cc         Kindly exhibited by Roger Dunning

7/         Auto cycle                        Kindly exhibited by Ralph Eagle

 8/         Police mans cycle             Kindly exhibited by Pam Eagle

 9/          Ladies Loop frame            Kindly exhibited by Pam Eagle             


 1/           Austin Heavy 12/4 Clifton Tourer                  Kindly exhibited by Geoff Barnett


1/                   1964 Daimler 2.5 v8                             Kindly exhibited by Robert Gibson

2/                   1963 Ford Consul 375                           Kindly exhibited by Mydrim Barrett

3/                   1960 Morris Minor Convertible               Kindly exhibited by Dave West

 4/                  1969 Morris Traveller                            Kindly exhibited by  Michael Day

 5/                   Porsche 944                                        Kindly exhibited by Sue & Ryland Williams

6/                   Renault Eriba                                        Kindly exhibited by Brian Russell

7/                   Bristol 410                                            Kindly exhibited by Brian Russell

8/                  1963 Wolseley 1500                                Kindly exhibited by Haydn Allen

9/                  Cadillac Sedan Deville                              Kindly exhibited by Colin Loveluck

10/                   Bedford HA Van                                    Kindly exhibited by Haydn Bateman

11/                   Vauxhall Viva HA                                   Kindly exhibited by Janice Bateman

12/                  1970 Capri 3000E mk1                            Kindly exhibited by Christopher Chapman

13/                  1979 Cortina 2000 Ghia                           Kindly exhibited by Christopher Chapman

14/                   M.G.Y.B.                                               Kindly exhibited by Brian Hough

15/                   Ford Escort Eclipse                                 Kindly exhibited by Chris Davies

16/                   Ford Capri 1600 s                                  Kindly exhibited by Adrian Purdy

17/                   Wolseley 15/60 1961                              Kindly exhibited by Adrian Purdy

18/                  1973 Triumph 2000 MK2                          Kindly exhibited by E Davies       

 19/                 1992 Toyota MR2 Coupe                          Kindly exhibited by E J Davies 

20/                   Jaguar MK10                                          Kindly exhibited by Jonathan Whiskard

21/                   MG  M G B                                             Kindly exhibited by Rob Penrose

22/                  Vauxhall Velox                                         Kindly exhibited by Kevin Harris

23/                  MG M G B                                                Kindly exhibited by J P  Clement

24/                  Mini Cooper                                             Kindly exhibited by Sarah Clement

25/                  Rover 75                                                 Kindly exhibited by Bleddyn  Phillips

26/                  Rover 90                                                Kindly exhibited by Peter Danton

27/                   Hillman Minx                                          Kindly exhibited by Cerilyn Rees

28/                    Triumph Spartan                                   Kindly exhibited by Bleddyn Phillips Jnr

29/                     Triumph GT6                                       Kindly exhibited by Anthony Clement

30/                   VW Beetle                                             Kindly exhibited by Owen Danton

31/                   Wolseley 1500                                       Kindly exhibited by Margaret Danton

32/                    Triumph Herald Coupe                          Kindly exhibited by Shaun Danton

33/                     Vauxhall Viva                                      Kindly exhibited by Dave Danton

34/                   American Desoto                                  Kindly exhibited by Paul Danton

35/                  Rover 1000                                           Kindly exhibited by Mathew Danton

36/                 Bond Equip GT4S                                     Kindly exhibited by M  Greenwood

37/                1964 Vauxhall Victor FB                           Kindly exhibited by R Lee

38/                1980 Ford Escort RS2000                         Kindly exhibited by Jeremy Reynolds

39/                1950 Alvis TB14 Tourer                            Kindly exhibited by Ivor & Holly Davies

40/                1964 Humber Sceptre                              Kindly exhibited by Anthony Griffiths

41/                1982 Jaguar xj6 4.2ltr                             Kindly exhibited by Anthony  Griffiths          

42/                Rover P6 2200SC                                   Kindly exhibited by Gerald Gardner

43/               Rover Mini                                             Kindly exhibited by A Brookes

44/               Rover P6 3500CC V8                               Kindly exhibited by Jason Gardner

45/               1959 Morris Minor                                  Kindly exhibited by

46/               1971 Triumph Spitfire                             Kindly exhibited by Michael Watkins

47/               1968 M G B Roadster                             Kindly exhibited by John Williams

48/               1961  Austin A40 Farina                         Kindly exhibited by Michael Watkins

49/               1965 Humber Hawk                              Kindly exhibited by John Williams 







1/                      1952 Fordson Pickup                        Kindly exhibited by Teifion Thomas

2/                       Ford Transit Limited                         Kindly exhibited by J Thomas

3/                      1997 Scania PG4D 220                    Kindly exhibited by Irene Wittich

4/                      ERF EC14  38ST                             Kindly exhibited by John Anderson

5/                    1992 Chevy P30 Winebago               Kindly exhibited by B Davies



1/                             Massey Ferguson 135 Petrol            Kindly exhibited by  Paul Johnson



 1/                              Field Marshall Tractor                      Kindly exhibited by John Williams

2/                               Field Marshall Tractor                      Kindly exhibited by John Williams

3/                                Scammel Truck                              Kindly exhibited by Teifion Thomas




1/                            Mamod Live Steam Models                  Kindly exhibited by Brian & Carol Watts

2/                            Meccano Models                                Kindly exhibited by Evan Davies

3/                            Vintage Dolls & Prams                        Kindly exhibited by Claire Huball



1/                                Bamford Engine                               Kindly exhibited by Paul Lewis

2/                                Unknown Engine                             Kindly exhibited by Michael Greenslade

3/                                1935 Villiers Century                       Kindly exhibited by  William Jenkins  



 1/                                Vanilla Soft Ice                             Honor Hughes

 2/                                Nikki's Candy Cart                        Nicola Llewellyn

 3/                                Metal Work / Ornaments              Tracy Tanskey

 4/                                Bags of difference /Handbags       J.O,Sullivan

 5/                                Crafty Woodworm                       Steve Reynish

 6/                                Pancakes                                   Jo Raymond

7/                                 Jewellery & Accessories              Pethauolyv

 8/                                Cats Protection                         Charity

 9/                                Jewellery-Retro Dresses             Helen Phillips                            

10/                               Snowy Cones                           Snowzone

11/                               Hand Made Crafts                     Celyn Crafts

12/                              Institute Of Advanced Driving

13/                              Iced Cakes                               Lesa Tatton