Hi all  ,

As you will notice from the following list we will not be holding a show this year.  But watch this space for other events we may be organising.

Here we have a few show dates you may like to make a note of,  # donates that we will be attending these shows.


                         March 25th                                   East Wales and Borders Spring Tractor Run.


                          April 8th                                         Malvern  Festival  of   Transport                                        

                          April 22nd                                       South Pembrokeshire and Carmarthen Bay Run .

                        April 27th 28th 29th                         ALL England  Vintage Extravaganza . #

                         April 28th                                       Vintage Motorcycle Club Auto jumble        [ Royal Bath & West ]          


                           April 29th / 1st May                       Llandudno  Extravaganza





                         May 4th  /7th                                  Abbey Hill Steam Rally  [ Yeovil ] 

                          May 5th / 6th                                   Monmouth   [ Border Counties Vintage ]    #

                          May 12th / 13th                              Bideford -on - Avon steam rally

                          May 19th / 20th                              Anglesey Vintage show  #

                          May 19th / 20th                             Castle Combe

                         May 19th / 20th                              Welsh spring festival [Builth Wells ]

                         May 27th / 28th                              Abergavenny Steam fair   #




                       June 3rd                                            Scolton Manor

                      June 8th                                             Bromesberrow  vintage show

                      June 16th 17th                                 Oswestry Vintage Show  #

                       June 23rd / 24th                             Towy Valley Vintage Show  #

                      June 30th                                          Bromyard Gala

                      June 30th                                         Mid Shropshire Vintage Show  #


                      July 7th                                            Llandovery  Motor Bike Show  #

                      July 15th                                          Gwilli Railway Car Show   #

                      July 21st / 22nd                             Much Marcle Vintage Show   #


                      August 3rd/4th /5th                     South Cerney  [Stroud Vintage ]   #

                      August 11th /12th                       Three Cocks Vintage  #

                     August 18th / 19th                        Kington Vintage Show  #

                    August 27th                                    Gwilli Railway 4x4 show 

                    August 26th /27th                          Shrewsbury  Steam Festival  #



                     September 9th                              Ferryside Classic Car Club #

                      September 8th / 9th                    Malpas Steam Rally

                      September  14th 15th 16th         Blaenavon Heritage Centre  Annual Seam Gala.

                      September 15th / 16th                Stoke Prior Rally



                    October 14th                                  Malvern Festival  of  Transport